IELTS Computer-delivered or paper-based test? CBT vs PBT ~ FAQs

Screenshot — IELTS computer-delivered test

Why choose IELTS Computer-delivered (CBT) over paper-based (PBT) test?

Q: Are you a proficient typist?

A: If so, you may prefer IELTS CBT. It not only adds speed to the mix but also gives you the ability to make tidy edits.

Q: Are you quick with computers?

A: If you can quickly navigate back and forth in piece of software, IELTS CBT is just the right test for you.

Q: Can I go back and recheck my answers?

A: Well, yes! In IELTS computer-delivered test, you can always check and edit your previous answers. There are no restrictions.

IELTS CBT – First look

Q: Can I practice on a demo software before sitting the real test?

A: We wish! Unfortunately, IDP or British haven’t uploaded a demo software yet. What’s good is that, if you have ever taken an online quiz, you won’t have trouble handling the test.

Q: Isn’t CBT easier than PBT?

A: The level of difficulty is the same in both the tests. Your preference should be the level of comfort a particular setting offers you.

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