With the fast pace of modern life, more and more people are turning towards fast food for their main meals. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

fast pace
fast-paced modern life

Modern life has unveiled new foods, known as fast food, and a relatively new manner of consuming these foods. In my opinion, the disadvantages of fast food outweigh its advantages. Although fast food is a cheap and readily available option, it expedites obesity and heart problems, especially in teenagers.

hot meal traditional
Traditional hot meal

Young people, influenced by many factors, favour fast food over traditional meals. Firstly, fast food is readily available at a cheap price, which makes it a preferred option over healthy meals. However, the highly processed artificial ingredients— that constitute fast food—can be detrimental to health; these ingredients are difficult for the human body to breakdown, thus resulting in a higher concentration of deadly trans fats in the body. Lastly, although on-the-go food can be time saving, the lack of nutritional value in such food fails to deliver adequate amount of energy required by the human body.

fast food
fast food

Fast food is highly addictive to teenagers and has been proven clinically as a major cause of obesity and heart problems. To cast fast food in a positive light, catchy advertisements, brand endorsements by sports and movie stars, and all-you-can-eat buffets for a small cost lure teens to consume plenty of junk food. Because highly processed foods are addictive, consumers unknowingly satiate their cravings by consuming more and more. This acts as a catalyst for obesity and cardiovascular diseases, which result in deteriorated health and subsequently a depreciated self-image.


In my opinion, the benefits of fast food are undermined by the dangers it pose to health. Owing to its easy availability and cheap cost, fast food is favoured by most, but the threats it pose to health, including obesity and the onset of cardiovascular diseases make junk food a highly unhealthy food option.

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