Prevention is better than cure. Out of a country’s health budget , a large proportion should be diverted from treatment to spending on health education and preventive measures.

Prevention better than cure
Is prevention better than cure?

Preventative measures taken before hand can significantly reduce the cost incurred on treating illnesses. A major portion of a country’s health budget should be spent on health education for the masses in order to fortify defenses against various diseases. Having spent on educating the population, the spread of life-threatening diseases can be curbed or eliminated, which will ensure longevity and prosperity of a nation.

Spending more of a nation’s money on health education and preventive measures now will save the state exchequer plenty of money in the long run. Masses can be sensitized through aggressive media campaigns and local health centers. The public, especially housewives who look after entire families, can be educated on what steps are to be taken to prevent contracting diseases in the first place. Having educated the populace, the ratio of people turning up sick will decrease drastically; consequently, slicing the cost which would have been incurred if there were an overwhelming number of sick people. Proactive measures would also lessen the burden on state’s machinery, which could be used for other purposes.

health education
Health Education

Spreading health education amongst the public would result in prosperity and longevity of a nation. Sensitizing public over life-threatening diseases can significantly increase chances of survival, whereas reduce the chances of having millions of people wiped out in an epidemic. The Black Death in the mid-1300s, for example, is a chilling reminder of how disease can spread and quickly kill millions if counter measures are not taken in time. Similarly, disease-free nations have a higher chance of social and scientific progress, owing to the healthy state of mind and body of its people.

Black Death
Artist depiction of The Black Death

In conclusion, I think we should spend sufficient amount of money on educating the masses to prevent medical emergencies, which could jeopardize a state’s apparatus and cause significant harm to millions.

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